Anyone know these guys?

I have been looking for a song, or really a band, for a while now.
I am starting to give up hope after looking for a year...
I used to work at a Spencers and they played this *really* good band (surprisingly considering the cliché terribleness of the store), I think four songs by them, and they never listed the artist, OR replied to my letters about who it was.
They have songs with the following titles: "Reflections." "Picking Up The Pieces." "If We go to Prison will you be..." (then it cuts off the rest of the title.)
If this helps, I have a pretty big chunk of the song for Picking up the Pieces I will include under a cut. I have done searches on Stupid MySpace,, TruSonic (the satellite company that played them), google, EVERYTHING.
It's like they don't flipping exist....
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I'm hoping to god that perhaps someone here knows these songs, and the band.
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Jane Doe

one of the best songs i've ever heard. ever. meaning out of every song i've ever heard, this is in the top 20 at least. in the same league with john lennon and the clash.